Welcome to Droplets 2019

Liquid droplets are important in many natural phenomena as well as for a broad variety of industrial processes. The aim of the 3-day international conference Droplets 2019 is to bring together physicists, chemists, mathematicians and engineers working on droplets in the broad sense: from pure to complex fluids; from impact to evaporation; in aerosols, emulsions or on surfaces; covering experimental, theoretical, and industrial perspectives.

The workshop builds upon the successful Droplets workshops held in 2013, 2015 and 2017, and will consist of plenary lectures, keynote lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions. The programme will be shaped to stimulate group discussions and informal exchanges.

Plenary Speakers

Pr. Vicki Grassian
(University of California, San Diego)

Pr. Detlef Lohse
(University of Twente)

Pr. Omar Matar
(Imperial College)

Pr. Sigurdur Thoroddsen
(King Abdullah University)